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Fending Off Direct Sellers

A strange thing happened to me after becoming a small business owner. I go to many networking events to make contacts and drum up business. I’ve met a lot of good people, obtained a few clients and learned quite a … Continue reading

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Content Ideas for Newsletters

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to create a company newsletter. You’ve selected the frequency and method of distribution. Now comes the hard part: what do you put in it? Creating content can be a challenge, but there are plenty … Continue reading

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Dealing with Pesky He/She Pronouns

My post last week about “what an editor can do for you” led to a question from a reader of my website. He asked why I listed proofreaders as female and copy editors as male. In our modern, politically correct … Continue reading

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What Can an Editor Do For You?

You’ve probably heard the terms proofreader, copy editor and maybe even substantive editor, but what can these people do for you and your writing? There are many levels of editing available to you. Here’s a brief explanation to help you … Continue reading

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