Why Create a Newsletter?

Two weeks ago I discussed content for newsletters, but you may be undecided about whether you even need one.  What purpose will a newsletter serve for your organization?

Newsletters are a great way to provide succinct information to your clients and followers. If you have new products or services you’d like to share, or you want to highlight one of your lesser-known offerings, a newsletter can be used. Frequently asked questions can also be addressed in this medium.

Sending information on a regular basis can keep you top of mind with your clients. This is especially important if your clients don’t need your services on a regular basis. If you are from a non-profit organization, a newsletter can be a way to connect with your donors and volunteers.

Cost is often an issue when deciding how to communicate with clients. A newsletter is cost-effective if sent electronically and can reach a large audience.

Blogs and other social media tools are also effective, but these need to be updated more frequently. If you are pressed for time or content, a newsletter can be sent once a month or once a quarter. You can ensure the schedule works for you and doesn’t feel like an added burden to your busy days.

If you are still worried about the time to create content once a month, have employees contribute articles and tips, or consider outsourcing your newsletter to a communications firm.

In the end, deciding to start a newsletter will depend on your clients and your communication needs. Just remember, it should be a tool that helps disseminate your message without causing you too much hassle.


About Prairie Scribe Writing

Susan is the owner of Prairie Scribe, a technical writing, editing and training company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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