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Susan is the owner of Prairie Scribe, a technical writing, editing and training company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Does Grammar Matter?

I find grammar fascinating. I know, that makes me weird in a lot of circles, but I can’t help myself. I love the nitty-gritty of it and researching correct answers. I belong to a grammar group on LinkedIn and I … Continue reading

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A Pitiful Networking Experience

As any small business owner knows, networking is a huge part of business. As soon as I started Prairie Scribe, I joined a number of networking organizations and started making the rounds to get my business known in the Winnipeg … Continue reading

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Proofreading in the Professional Writing World

I love reading news on the Internet. It’s free, there are myriad new stories each day and I can read about any issue from multiple points of view. What I hate about online reading is the lack of copy editing … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Word Nut

A love of words is a requirement for a writer or editor, and I definitely consider myself to be a word geek.  I am thrilled when I come across new words. I am part of a Toastmasters Club, and one … Continue reading

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Why Create a Newsletter?

Two weeks ago I discussed content for newsletters, but you may be undecided about whether you even need one.  What purpose will a newsletter serve for your organization? Newsletters are a great way to provide succinct information to your clients … Continue reading

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Fending Off Direct Sellers

A strange thing happened to me after becoming a small business owner. I go to many networking events to make contacts and drum up business. I’ve met a lot of good people, obtained a few clients and learned quite a … Continue reading

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Content Ideas for Newsletters

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to create a company newsletter. You’ve selected the frequency and method of distribution. Now comes the hard part: what do you put in it? Creating content can be a challenge, but there are plenty … Continue reading

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